There is no question that the NBA is a global phenomenon, and synonymous with the sport in all corners of the globe. You won’t stumble upon a region where people won’t recognize names such as Magic, Jordan, Bryant, or Lebron. If you add to this the ever-growing popularity of video game franchises such as those by 2K and EA Sports, then it becomes obvious that no other basketball league in the world can compete.

However, just because the glamour, presentation, and quality in other leagues might not be equivalent to that in the NBA, that doesn’t mean that many don’t prefer other organizations. A good chunk of the basketball viewing public in the US loves watching NCAA b-ball.

And, while the NBA is all about the players, when it comes to college basketball, coaches are the true stars.

Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K. Even those not immersed in the sport probably know to whom this nickname refers to. According to some, this Polish-American is the best coach alive in all American sports. Three decades as head coach at Duke, five national championships, and two Olympic medals will bring forward such accolades.

Many thought it was a big gamble when he took over the US team in 2005. Thankfully, after a rocky start, the bet paid off, and Olympic gold was won. If you’re looking to gamble, you can find basketball-themed slots such as Microgaming’s – Basketball Star, at one of many online casinos, such as These platforms offer unmatched selections of games, with free spin rounds, the chance to win progressive jackpots, and the opportunity to play classic table games against live dealers. On top of all this, they reward loyalty and provide fantastic promotional offers.

Bobby Knight

The General. Few people have been as polarizing and intimidating as Mr. Knight. His temper, hard-nosed style, and fiery outbursts are the stuff of legend. As was his coaching ability. In almost three decades in Bloomington, Bobby’s Hoosiers won 10 regular-season championships and three national ones.

In 1984, he took the US team to gold at the Summer Olympics and is only one of three coaches to win an NIT title, an NCCA title, and an Olympic gold medal. He is considered as one of the most innovative coaches in college history for having popularized motion offense. If you’re a fan, you should check out the book - A Season on the Brink.

John Wooden

You can’t have this list without – the Wizard of Westwood. A member of the inaugural College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2006, he was also inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame way back in 1961. Having won 10 national championships, including an unprecedented seven straight, it was kind of hard to keep him out of any HOF.

But it wasn’t just his eye for the game that made him great. He was also a terrific motivator and leader of men. He taught young men that academic success was more than grades and wanted his athletes not to be winners on the court but in life.



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